The sub-field of electrical engineering is a very extensive field that extends into a wide variety of application areas. Among other things, we provide the following services as planners, auditors, consultants and experts:

  • Planing of electrical Systems
  • Damage assessments
  • Expert reports of all kinds, especially for electrical appliances, electrical household appliances and electrical systems (e.g. damage assessment and lightning damage)
  • Recurring inspection of electrical systems, among other things, according to the ASchG or the ESV
  • Thermographic measurements and analyzes (thermography using infrared thermal cameras)
  • Inspection of all types of electrical systems
  • Verification and measurement of voltage characteristics in power grids (voltage quality)
  • Checking lightning protection systems
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Alarm systems, locking systems and (video) surveillance systems
  • Work contract problems
  • Construction supervision